What if you could build a business that cares for Earth, cares for people and creates high impact social justice?
What if business models, frameworks and marketing strategies not only felt good, but also dismantled the structures and tactics that manipulate and disempower us?
What if you didn't have to choose between your values and success?
This is my work in the world.

Hi, I'm Sarah Taylor.

I’m the builder of my own bus conversion, off grid tiny homesteader…

...and Intentional Business Coach

I help conscious entrepreneurs unhook from mainstream marketing, so they sell without compromising their integrity.

About My Work

All of my work is done through the lens of intention and within a framework I’ve developed using the principles of permaculture design.

Over the last 4 years I’ve developed gentle marketing strategies and ethical, regenerative business practices. I’ve written copy for corporates and small business and worked with entrepreneurs on their message and marketing.

  • I coach conscious entrepreneurs in connecting to their Purpose and building out their message, platform and income to care for Earth, care for people and create high impact social justice.

  • I speak about life and business with intention, minimalism, self-sufficiency and living off grid at events and on podcasts (most recently here)

  • I write fortnightly emails where I question the social norms of mainstream marketing, delve into alternatives to capitalism and share what I learn about regenerative economies. I also share my passion and adventures of living off grid. You can sign up to get them here:

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About Me Personally

  • I have a bus conversion named Purpose who’s affectionately known as Mrs P and I live off grid in QLD Australia with my husband and our 12 year old co-pilot, Alliepup.

  • I’m originally Scottish but I was born in Germany, started school in Hong Kong and have lived on four continents. 

  • My feminism is intersectional, I’m a student of permaculture and digital privacy advocate. I also champion debt free living and the dismantling of systemic economic slavery

  • I’m child free by choice. I love the quiet, time alone in nature and making things with my sewing machine. 

  • My pronouns are she/her

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I would not be where I am today without the following people and bodies of work.

To Judith Andrea Manriquez you make creating a business feel like a delicious spiritual practice. You helped me tap into an energy of connectedness and then held space for me to explore it.

To Nicola Scott your pioneering work as a female artist in the male dominated industry of comic books has been a huge inspiration to me over our 15 years of friendship.  You were one of the first examples I had of going for your dreams and ‘the how is always waiting for you to show up’. I’m so very grateful.

To Natasha Corbin your community of heart centered business women has been my sacred online home for years. Your passion for the feminine business model and lean start up, gave me the courage to build a business around my values.

To Kelly Diels for your Feminist Fix For Your About Page workshop,  without which, I would still be staring at a blank screen. For your work as a culture maker and feminist markerter, I am so grateful. You contextualised and languaged every icky feeling I ever had about mainstream marketing and then you led me to find my own voice on the subject.

To Stasha Washburn where do I even start? Your courageous work in the taboo of the female cycle was life changing for me. I owe the health of my body, my attitude to my cycle and the skills I have to run my business aligned with it, to you dear friend.

To Paul Jarvis for being a brilliant example of a minimalist business model. For your work in the digital privacy space and for proving you don’t need social media to run a successful business.

To Matt D’avella for showing me that you can use  business tools in a way that’s aligned to your values.

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