I believe we can sell without compromising our integrity.

I believe our creative business is activism, and

I believe we can use the tools of entrepreneurship to create an equitable and regenerative future.

 This is my work in the World.

Hi, I’m Sarah Taylor.

A conscious creator, business mentor to creative entrepreneurs, builder of my own bus conversion and off-grid tiny homesteader.

I live on 2.5 acres of unceded Gubbi Gubbi Country in South East Queensland Australia and I share this peaceful place with my husband and our two rescue dogs, Alliepup and Buddy Boo.

My bus is named Purpose, but she’s affectionately known as Mrs P.

My values are Earth care, people care and social justice and my purpose, is to live with more intention and help others do the same. 

Whether I’m sharing stories about being the bus lady, making products for my shop, or helping fellow creatives with their business, my values and my purpose are the compass for everything I do. 

I see intentional living and conscious entrepreneurship as activism. I see them as an opportunity for us to redesign our connection to the environment and as a tool to dismantle inequitable structures.

When I’m not working, I knit, sew, make, build and grow my way to self-sufficiency and love to document the adventures here on my blog, IG & YouTube Channel

About my work…

My work is at the intersection of feminism, permaculture and entrepreneurship. I’ve spent the last 5 years unhooking from mainstream marketing and developed a framework for intentional business, using the principles of permaculture.

What this means, is I don’t believe in designing businesses that are harmful to the Earth, or contribute to the exploitation of people in any way.

I’m always working to dismantle the tactics that manipulate and disempower us and really enjoy exploring emergent ways to navigate business.

I will never use scarcity, false urgency or manufactured authority and I employ high consent practices in all of my work.

About my shop…

Coming very soon. A collection of handmade accessories, homewares and skincare created from sustainably sourced materials and manufactured using renewable energy.