Intentional Marketing Workshop

An ethical approach to getting more clients for conscious entrepreneurs

Saturday 29th May

9am AEST | 4pm PT | 5pm MT | 6pm CT | 7pm ET

Approx 2 hours via Zoom (with recording)

$75 AUD

Business is a reciprocal relationship between you and your audience.

Intentional marketing honours that relationship and offers alternatives to the mainstream tactics that manipulate and disempower us.

All that icky, pushy stuff that makes you feel bad? We’re gonna unpack it all and name the tactics. By the end of this workshop, you’ll recognise them easily and be able to make more aligned choices in your business.

Instead of convincing cold audiences to buy from you, we’re going to find thriving ecosystems where your ideal clients are already spending their time, money and attention. Building deeply connected, nourishing relationships with these ecosystems is at the core of intentional marketing. 

Let’s do marketing that feels good and find your ideal clients with ease. 

What we’ll cover:

  • the difference between mainstream marketing vs ethical marketing – Why it often feels bad and what you can do instead
  • finding your ideal clients – The 7 main ecosystems where they’re already giving their time, money and attention
  • choosing the best place to focus right now – A clear roadmap based on your real life context

What to bring

  • A clear niche – For any marketing strategy to be successful, you need to know your niche intimately. If you’re not at that spot yet, that’s totally ok but this workshop while helpful intellectually, will not give you the best outcomes outlined above. If getting clear on your niche is what you need to do, then I invite you to book a 1:1 session with me so we can do that first.
  • Access to Google and something to take notes with – Although there will be a recording, this is not a webinar or presentation. This live workshop will have sections to research and co-work together, so if you can’t make the call, I highly recommend you wait until I run the workshop again.

Who this is for

I affectionately call you conscious entrepreneurs. You’re a coach, a healer, an energy worker, activist, yoga instructor or business owner that cares deeply about the Earth, community and social justice.

Something about the way you’ve been taught to market your business doesn’t feel right or sit well with you. You may have been blaming yourself and putting it down to being introverted or ‘just not good’ at marketing.

You’re also possibly not a huge fan of social media and don’t really want to spend a lot of time there, but you’re not sure where else to find your clients.

I’m really excited about running this workshop and I look forward to seeing you there!

Once you’ve booked

Once you’ve booked your spot, you’ll receive an email with confirmation of the date and time as well as a zoom link for the call. You’ll also receive a short questionnaire which will ask for some detail about your business. This is to make sure that we get the most out of our time together in the workshop.

There will also be an option to join my fortnightly newsletter. Your consent is very important to me, so you will not be added without it.

About Me

Intentional Marketing Workshop. An ethical approach to getting clients for conscious entrepreneurs

Hi, I’m Sarah Taylor.

I help conscious entrepreneurs unhook from mainstream marketing, so they can sell without compromising their integrity.

All of my work is done through the lens of intention and at the intersection of feminism and permaculture.

This means I don’t believe in building businesses that are harmful to the Earth or contribute to the exploitation of people in any way.