Intentional Marketing Workshop

A regenerative approach to getting more ideal clients for conscious entrepreneurs

Friday 30th April

9am AEDT | 4pm PT | 5pm MT | 6pm CT | 7pm ET

$100 via Zoom (with recording)

You’re scared to leave FB and other social media platforms completely because you’re not sure how you’ll market your business if you do?

You want to find marketing that feels good and aligns with your values.

You’re not sure how to find your ideal clients. 

This workshop will help you 

  • Understand the difference between mainstream marketing vs ethical marketing
  • Identify 7 main ecosystems where you can find your ideal clients
  • Learn how to approach and interact with these ecosystems
  • Choose the best ecosystem to focus right now

*Coaches, healers, energy workers, activists, yoga instructors, business owners that care deeply about the Earth, community and social justice

Mainstream Marketing vs Ethical Marketing

Mainstream marketing uses tactics and triggers to manipulate and disempower us, which is why it can feel so yuck. 

Mainstream marketing doesn’t value or honour the reciprocal relationship between you and your audience and so it never focuses on relationship. In this workshop, you’ll learn how you can do marketing differently so it feels good, connected and nourishing.  

Finding Your Ideal Client

Tapping into ecosystems where your ideal clients are already spending their time, money and attention is the key to intentional marketing. 

Switching from broadcast mode to receiver mode is how you stop searching for clients, and start getting invited to rooms that are full of them.  

Approaching & Interacting With EcoSystems

Everyone wants to feel supported, well connected and championed by our peers and fellow leaders, so how we approach and interact with the eco systems where are ideal clients are, is a vital skill to master.